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Shuffled song on iTunes for you

Can You even Forgive Her by Pet Shop Boys

"You drift into the strangest dreams
Of youthful follies and changing teams
Admit you’re wrong, oh, no, not yet
Then you wake up and remember that you can’t forget”

ღ Random things around me right now

Empire Magazine and cup of coffee on my left, cellphone in front of my keyboard, a book on my right (a small biography about Freud) aaand a few sketches under my keyboard also. Yep, that’s it.

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畱 Description of my family
☢  Top 5 TV Shows/Movies
❥  Smoke/Drink Alcohol?
ღ Random things around me right now

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Thor 3 really needs to have a scene of Loki standing bare chested in front of a mirror, running his hand across his scar and then a flashback of what actually happened on Svartalfheim.

Title: End of the Line (piano excerpt)

Artist: Henry Jackman

Played: 38,650 times


That piano music from CA:TWS that people keep asking about. Taken from track 17 on the soundtrack, “End of the Line”.

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inspired by [x]

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fake Black Widow movie poster because of reasons

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natalia-romanof asked: the avengers or cap 1

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"You know, and thank you by the way. For listening. Plus, something about just getting it off my chest, and putting it out there in the atmosphere, instead of holding this in… I mean, this is what gets people sick, you know. Wow, I had no idea you were such a good listener."

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